EXPAAM manages the Exponential Age Digital Asset Fund (EADAF) which provides investors with a single access point to the world’s best and most exciting digital asset hedge funds.

EADAF is a diversified multi-manager fund through which investors can participate in the exponential growth of the digital asset markets. Due to EXPAAM’s broad access to managers and a rigorous selection process, EADAF is positioned to generate higher risk-adjusted returns than benchmark digital assets by realizing less drawdown and downside volatility whilst capturing the enhanced upside due to the significant alpha available via the best hedge fund managers and portfolio contraction.

EADAF utilizes a proprietary top-down asset allocation model to isolate upcoming market regimes, along with deep, bottoms-up manager research and selection to build a diversified portfolio that best captures the opportunities in the cycle

EXPAAM's Thesis

The crypto hedge fund space is currently starved of capital. According to various databases, the total AUM amongst liquid hedge fund strategies is only currently around $12 billion vs $3trn AUM in traditional hedge funds. By contrast, venture capital vastly outstrips this with roughly $57bn in AUM. The limited AUM of the digital asset hedge fund industry (low competition) is one of the key reasons we expect them to be able to generate very significant alpha and beta over the next 10 years. Crypto is already the best performing asset class in history and we expect it to remain so over time.

Moreover, with 69% of respondents to a recent EY survey of 256 institutional investors expected to increase their allocations to digital assets and related products in the next two to three years, we believe hedge funds will be their vehicle of choice.