Investment Opportunities

Exponential Age Digital Assets Fund (“EADAF”), EXPAAM’s flagship fund of hedge funds, is a multi-manager fund through which investors can participate in the exponential growth of blockchain technology. It is designed to serve families, individuals, and institutions by providing diversified, liquid exposure to the digital asset ecosystem through an actively managed strategy.

EADAF successfully raised over $115M USD to invest in the world’s leading hedge fund managers. Those managers, in turn, invest in the world’s most promising publicly traded blockchain tokens. The strategy is grounded by a proprietary, macro model developed by Raoul Pal and Julien Bittel. Our top-down asset allocation model isolates upcoming market regimes and informs our fundamental, bottoms-up manager research and selection process to build a diversified portfolio that best captures the opportunities in the cycle.

Our flagship strategy is designed to capture the exponential growth of the digital assets ecosystem by owning the network layer of the most promising protocols in the space. We do this by investing in the best hedge funds in the space, who, in turn, invest in the most promising liquid tokens. This allows us to own the internet of value itself from its earliest days of mass adoption. Our industry has a collective market cap of $2.5T USD, and we believe it will grow to in excess of $200T in the coming years.