Exponential AgeTM
Asset Management

An investment management company allocating capital to blockchain technologies and the world’s most exciting digital asset funds and strategies


Blockchain technologies continue to change the world we live in. Whether it’s DeFi, Web 3.0, the open metaverse, or NFTs – a new digital world is currently being built in front of our eyes.

Navigating this space requires investment and risk management expertise, as well as an understanding of network effects and behavioral economics which drive the valuations of the various projects.

We are a team of investors, macro-thinkers, quantitative engineers, risk managers, and operations specialists focused on allocating capital to this new world and driving its growth.

Expaam seeks to partner with the best digital asset investment talent in the world and be the preeminent liquidity provider in the industry.

We are entering the Exponential Age, a time when blockchain technologies are being adopted at the fastest pace of any technology in human history.

Blockchains and digital assets will continue to disrupt and rearrange economies, social structures and the arts, becoming the largest and fastest generator of wealth in history.

Raoul Pal

CEO, Exponential Age Asset Management