Investment Opportunities

An asset management company investing in the world’s best digital asset hedge funds, along with other exciting investment opportunities in the digital asset ecosystem.

Our mission is to be the most trusted client investment partner and valuable network in the exciting world of digital asset investing, serving global Institutions, Family Offices and High Net Worth Investors.

Investing in this space requires deep financial and risk management expertise, as well as an understanding of network effects and behavioral economics which drive the adoption of this technology.

In short, EXPAAM is dedicated to truly understanding the technological developments in this rapidly evolving ecosystem and aspires to become the premier asset management firm in the digital assets space.

We are a team of investors, macro-thinkers, quantitative engineers, risk managers, and operations specialists with up to three decades of experience in hedge fund investing and a decade of experience investing in the digital asset markets.

EXPAAM's best-in-class network provides unrivaled access to the top hedge fund managers operating in the digital asset ecosystem. Our aim is to provide investors with a single access point to digital asset markets, primarily through hedge funds that hold underlying positions in liquid tokens.