Our Manifesto

EXPAAM passionately believes in the digital asset ecosystem and the investment management space that continues to develop around it. We think DLT technologies will grow exponentially fast to change the world, disrupt economies and social structures, and become one of the fastest growing wealth generators in history.

We’re still at the beginning of this growth phase, and EXPAAM will be at the center of the action – managing investments, enabling transactions, and unleashing the vast knowledge captured inside the Hive Mind of our community.

Everyone at EXPAAM wants the space to grow, in a good and sustainable way, and we’re convinced that we can help by setting and communicating standards which are good for all of us. We want to work with the best digital asset investment managers in the world, cooperate, communicate, and learn together as we move forward. We’re here to support professional business practices and challenge sub-optimal setups. We want the people, managers, and funds we work with to “have a right to win” and we’ll work with the best on the basis of a transparent and positive relationship based on trust and support.