Our mission is to deliver leading returns on invested capital and serve as catalysts of crypto adoption in the world.


Our mission is, in turn, driven by several fundamental values which form the quiddity of our identity and brand as a firm:


  • Creative – we see things others miss and that inspires creativity in deal structures, manager selection, and partnership culture

  • Forward-thinking - We live in the future, and we do not let emotion cloud our experiences in the present

  • Resilient – We accept when we are wrong and are serene and egoless when making necessary changes

  • Independent – We are not afraid to be contrarian and believe independent thinking leads to clarity of thought and excellence in decision making

  • High-minded – We truly believe in karma and helping other investors / entrepreneurs in the space for the sake of the asset class.

  • Honest – Our reputation as individuals of integrity and as a firm is paramount – we say what we mean and do what we say.

  • Diligent – We believe that long-term, enduring success stems from service to our investors and to our managers.